VITA Elementary - Asesmen Nasional Berbasis Komputer 2021/2022


by Admin

On 17 and 18 November 2021, VITA Elementary took part in the implementation of the ANBK (Computer-Based National Assessment) for grade 5 students. ANBK is an form of assessment from the Ministry of Education and Culture to measure the students' numeracy and literacy skills as a result of their learning in grade 5.

A number of 5th grade students at VITA Elementary took part in the on-site ANBK by first following the health and safety protocols, namely the swab the day before the exam which was held at school and administered by the Sukolilo sub-district health center. Bravo students!

Praise God, the test ran well and smoothly. The students seemed enthusiastic about taking the exam in the school's Computer Lab while accompanied by supervisors appointed from other schools.

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