Our Approach

How a Shining Generation Is Built


Positive Discipline

We provide learners with a safe space to explore while including lifelong lessons on boundaries, communication skills, and problem-solving. Our approach centers on understanding the reasoning behind the actions, which is paired with a firm belief that each individual deserves dignity and mutual respect. We focus on solutions, not punishment, and adopt a firm yet gentle approach to help learners solve problems.

Giving Back

Service is one of our core values here at VITA. We believe that education should not be limited to just academics, but rather be used as an opportunity for learners to identify their strengths and use them for service. We believe that service should be reciprocal, meaning learners and community members both learn from each other and collaborate to find meaningful, sustainable solutions. We reinforce this value at each grade level by offering various community service and service learning projects on and off-campus as well as online.

Head- Heart- Hands

VITA achieves our vision of building a shining generation through a three-pronged holistic learning experience called Head – Heart – Hand. Our learners benefit from an excellent education (Head), a strong, Christ-centered foundation (Heart), as well as an understanding on how to use their gifts to give back (Hand).

School Philosophy

Education 2

We believe that God is the source of wisdom and knowledge.

Therefore, wisdom begins by acknowledging that He is the Lord of our lives.

We believe that God created men in His image and likeness.

Although we have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, He has loved us since the beginning and gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us.

We believe that learning is part of life.

Learning is not confined to a classroom, but rather a journey and opportunity for all regardless of age or location. School is a learning community, just as home is. Thus, families, educators, leaders, and children are all learners and a part of the learning journey.

We believe that critical thinking skills are a lifelong tool.

We use it to seek information, understand our surroundings, and convert knowledge into wisdom. We apply them throughout our lives to solve problems and embrace challenges.

We believe in giving back.

Learning happens when we receive, but moreso when we give. We are blessed to be a blessing. This is why service is an integral part of the VITA experience.

We believe in interconnectedness.

We do not exist only for ourselves, but rather as part of a larger fabric of society. We are all part of a community -- local and global -- and thus are responsible for contributing to its betterment.

We believe that living for a purpose motivates us.

Life is a gift from the Creator and we strive to honor it by living out our purpose.

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