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Welcome to VITA! We have been building a shining generation of academically prepared and community-focused lifelong learners since 1982. We balance quality academics with a Christ-centered approach to ensure that each learner knows they are loved, wonderfully made, and is able to live out their purpose in life.

We offer more than a good Christian education--we offer a learning journey. We provide sixteen years of learning experience from Pre-Elementary to Senior High, filled with educators and staff who are intentional about what skills and values to reinforce at each level. We present learners with opportunities to use their strengths as service. That is what it means to build a shining generation: we not only equip learners with knowledge, but also empower them with the skills and experience to better their communities wherever they are.

Regardless of whether you are a visitor, learner, educator, or family member, we are excited to have you here! We hope to connect with you on campus or online so you can directly experience what makes this community so special.

Warmest regards,


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Here at VITA, we believe that we are not building tomorrow’s leaders, because tomorrow starts with today. We -- learners, parents, educators -- are already a part of a community, which means we are all capable of affecting change and serving others regardless of age or location. We achieve this through various community service and service learning opportunities on and off-campus as well as online.

At VITA, we place community at the center of all we do. We understand that a school is much more than four walls and the students within, which is why we are committed to building a holistic support network for all involved. We have developed parenting courses to empower families as well as created a collaborative space for educators and visitors to join in.

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