Ms. Liza Handajani Rusli has always had the passion for education, especially for young learners. Taking the passion into action, she opened up her way by obtaining a degree in English education and tutoring her nephews and nieces passionately. The sincerity was welcomed not only by her “students” but also by her surrounding neighborhood.

With the support from her husband, Mr. Samuel Munandar, and her family, in January 1982 Ms. Rusli pursued her idea of setting up a Playschool. July 1982 marked the first class of VITA Playschool, a class consisted of thirty students and three teachers.

From the simple beginning, through time, determination, and faith, VITA has grown into a thriving organization, delivering education from Playschool until Senior High. VITA School has grown its faculty from three teachers in 1982 into one hundred and seventy members today. These educators partake in fulfilling the vision of building a shining generation—a generation of teachers, students and staff that fully understand live their purpose in life. This vision leads VITA School to emphasize quality education and
a solid understanding and application of a Christian worldview.

Throughout the years, Ms. Rusli and Mr. Munandar have seen the faithfulness of God and the fulfillment of
Psalm 127:1 in VITA School.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.”

They believe the faithfulness of God will be seen as this school grows and accomplishes the vision.

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Building a shining generation who embodies the characters of Christ and lives upon the foundation of God’s Word.

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1. To cultivate Christian values within students and to inspire them to walk with Jesus.
2. To foster students to think critically, solve problems effectively, be creative, and live a purpose driven life.
3. To motivate students to be positive throughout their lives and base their decisions upon the Word of The Lord.


In VITA School, we are



In VITA School, we are


for it helps us to see the big

picture and continually improve.


We believe that


in whatever we do builds

character, allowing us to reach our

God-given purpose.


We make


a foundation of
continuous growth.


We honor


in living our identity as the
image bearers of God.

VITA_Agustus 09B

We believe in


by giving back what we have

received form the Lord

to the society

student worship



God and each other as God’s

beloved creation.

ROB_9984 Junior High

We value


to acknowledge each others’

strength and to accomplish

greater things.


We believe that God is the source of wisdom and knowledge

(Job 28:33,36),
therefore wisdom begins by giving respect to the Lord, acknowledging that He is the Supreme One.

We believe that God created men in His image and likeness.

Men have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but God has loved us since the beginning.
He gave us Jesus Christ to redeem and justify us.

We believe that learning is for life.

Parents, Teachers, Leaders, Children are learners. School is a learning community, just as home is.
Learning involves process and is aimed toward growth in the
Head (knowledge), Heart (character, value), and Hand (applied skill).

We believe that thinking skills are tools that we use

to seek information, understand our surrounding, and convert knowledge into wisdom (or application).
These tools keep on growing; it makes learning lifelong.

We believe in giving back.

Learning happens, not only when we receive, but moreover when we give.

We believe our identity is the children of God,

created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.

We believe that individual purpose does not stand alone

rather it is to support a greater purpose of the society – be it local or global scope –
that is achieved through collaboration.

We believe that living for a purpose motivates us

to continually grow and improve ourselves, because VITA means life.


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Lucinda Munandar

Head of School

Aryani Dewi

Head of Academic Department

Jonnie Lynn Hill

Head of English Department

Martha Juwana

Principal of Pre-School

Helenna Deborah

Principal of Elementary

Junita Indriani

Principal of Junior High
Fifi DSC_1520

Fifi Trisnawati

Principal of Senior High